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After years of creating unique products meeting rigorous quality standards for the U.S. Department of Defense, we are well positioned to satisfy the needs of both government entities and commercial businesses.


As the first contractor to the Department of Defense to supply pultruded composite shapes as a replacement for wood components, we designed and developed custom troop seating in tactical military vehicles for the newly established Iraqi and Afghan armies. These composites continue to be used in a variety of products in the expanding defense equipment market.


SWP designed and currently¬†produces the troop seating configuration for the Humvee and several other military vehicles. In compliance with the Department of Defense’s requirement for chemical agent resistant coating, we stepped up to the challenge and became a leader in providing CARC finishes.


Stephan Wood Products has the unique ability to combine our product expertise with our range of tools, machinery and in-house manufacturing abilities to create solutions that are custom tailored to your needs.

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