Proven products.

With over 70 years of experience in crafting wood into solutions for businesses worldwide, we take great pride in our wide array of uniquely designed products. Quality is always guaranteed.

Deck, Dock and Patio Surfaces

Our unique mil spec composite decking material is perfect for your next patio or backyard project. Besides being durable and long-lasting, it will not warp, crack or fade, making it the best material on the market.

Seating Solutions

Step up your game with our custom seating solutions. From stand-alone pieces to dugout benches, stadium bleachers and pickup truck seats, we are equipped to produce products that are both functional and comfortable.

Composite Seating Material

We create seating for many outdoor applications. The same sturdy materials and high-quality manufacturing process we use for our military products means you get the most time tested, DOD approved seating material on the market.

Capacity beyond comparison.

We have years of expertise in creating a range of high-quality products including military vehicle components, various pultruded composite shapes, trailer racks, truck floors, side board kits, truck chassis sills, bow and cover kits, pick-up truck equipment, work crew seating, platform racks, shelter seating, composite decking, dimension hardwood, and medical splints.

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Service first.

Our range of tools, machinery and in-house manufacturing abilities, coupled with years of expertise, adds to our versatility and ability to deliver on a wide range of services. We are equipped to execute complete CAD design, prototyping, tool and die, metal stamping, machining and more, including a uniquely developed composite pultruded fiberglass system to replace commonly used wood shapes. We also have an E-coat paint system that is approved to meet the specifications of BMW, Chrysler, Delphi, Ford, Freightliner, General Motors, Honda, John Deere, Mercedes, Nissan, Paacar, Toyota, Volkswagen and the United States Armed Forces.


Take a look at our complete list of services and let us know how we can help you.

Complete CAD design services utilizing Uni-graphics Version NX 3.0




Tool and Die


Metal Stampings

Welding assemblies and fabrication




Warehouse, packaging and shipping


Electro-coat Prime System to Auto and MIL Specs

Finishing: MIL Spec top coat finish system usable for products up to 14’ long


Wood working: Alden Gang Ripsaw, Wadkin Six Head Molder, allow us to manufacture fine hardwood casings, moldings and dimension stock used in cabinets and furniture.


Quality control

Tooled to make anything possible.