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One Thing Led to Another ...

“Our troops are getting shot at,” the US Military said to us after the first Gulf War. “We’d like you to design a center seat so our troops can see who’s shooting at them.” We presented an idea to them, and they told us it would work perfectly. They were happy, liked the design, and were sure troops would “eat it up.” The seats are still in use today.

During that budding relationship, we were also looking to offer our multitude of composite outdoor seating shapes to different sports venues, namely high school football fields where they’ll have something that’s low-to-no maintenance, doesn’t absorb heat, comfortable to sit on, and folds down and up. 

The response has been fantastic, although there is still work to do. Waterparks and theme parks, particularly in southern states, all use products that don’t hold up and need constant replacement. We can provide these composite outdoor seating solutions without concern for extensive sun activity and UV degradation.  

Troop seating ready for inspection. SWP does offer many types of composite outdoor seating used for troop movement, stadiums, and high school bleachers.

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More Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, when you have an FRP (fiberglass resin product), it is a mixture of a resin, fiberglass roving, and filler. Our fiberglass composites feature more resin and fiberglass and less filler. Watch our video to learn more.

Military Spec materials help people looking out for pleasant appearances, longevity and utility. Watch our video to learn more.

Two blocks from our current location in 1944, Al Stephan (Steff-ANN), a tinkerer and inventor, satisfied the local need of wooden clothespins. Watch our video to learn more.

The military knows that if they come to Stephan Wood Products for a solution, we’re going to give them a solution. Watch our video to learn more.

When we have a customer that comes to us for a project, custom or otherwise, the first thing we want to know is if we already have the material they need in our inventory. Watch our video to learn more.

Stephan Wood Products is unique in our field because we offer a lot of different products. Watch our video to learn more.

All Stephan Wood Products are made to military specification. We have a resin system that’s been in place since 1991. Watch our video to learn more.

Natural wood will twist, warp, cup, absorb moisture, and split on the ends. Plus, wood doesn’t always hold paint. Watch our video to learn more.

Jim Tenbusch is a stalwart advocate for Stephan Wood Products and our craftsmanship. Watch our video to learn more.

Any potential client of ours can email from our contact form on our web page and call. Watch our video to learn more.

If it comes from our facility, it’s something that is going to work for you. Watch our video to learn more.

Electrodeposition coating, or e-coat, is the penultimate stage of our painting system. Watch our video to learn more.

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