What is Composite?

Composite is known for its versatility and durability, and has been a preferred building material by many for years. A composite is manufactured from a variety of materials. Despite being such a popular material, composite as a replacement for wood is still relatively new on the market.

Composite is desired by many because it is manufactured from a variety of materials. They usually combined with many materials to strengthen them and make them more durable. Our composite is a mixture of several components that includes resin, fiberglass, roving and matting. And a pigment for color. The composite FRP is fire retardant and has an ultra-violet veil for sun protection.

When you are considering a new project for your home or business, consider the benefits our FRP, and let Stephan Wood Projects aid you in the design and manufacturing. By using our wide array of products, services, and experience, we can develop the custom solution you need.

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