Company president Jim Tenbusch describes our thorough e-coat painting process.

Prime Functionality

What Is E-Coating?

Electrodeposition coating, or e-coat, is the penultimate stage of our painting system. Once we hang parts and send them through a seven-stage wash, a ‘bath’ gets all the oil, dirt, and grime off. The parts then go through a tank system that does another secondary wash before the electrodeposition coating paint is applied. The paint line is charged to better attach itself to the metal.

Typically used in automotive applications, e-coat is a primer system that beats any other primer on the market. Anything that we put together here at Stephan Wood Products, whether it be for a commercial customer or the military — and it is aluminum or steel — has e-coat on it, or e-coat underneath it. A final application of carbon paint completes the process. Because of e-coat’s excellent adhesion properties, it’s a significant benefit to anything that we sell and paint.

Side Board Racks for M872 Trailer painted tan. What is e-coating? The process of applying an Electrodeposition coating to our product to reduce tarnish and wear against chemicals.

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Typically, when you have an FRP (fiberglass resin product), it is a mixture of a resin, fiberglass roving, and filler. Our fiberglass composites feature more resin and fiberglass and less filler. Watch our video to learn more.

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Two blocks from our current location in 1944, Al Stephan (Steff-ANN), a tinkerer and inventor, satisfied the local need of wooden clothespins. Watch our video to learn more.

The military knows that if they come to Stephan Wood Products for a solution, we’re going to give them a solution. Watch our video to learn more.

When we have a customer that comes to us for a project, custom or otherwise, the first thing we want to know is if we already have the material they need in our inventory. Watch our video to learn more.

Waterparks and theme parks, particularly in southern states, all use products that don’t hold up and need constant replacement. We do. Watch our video to learn more.

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All Stephan Wood Products are made to military specification. We have a resin system that’s been in place since 1991. Watch our video to learn more.

Natural wood will twist, warp, cup, absorb moisture, and split on the ends. Plus, wood doesn’t always hold paint. Watch our video to learn more.

Jim Tenbusch is a stalwart advocate for Stephan Wood Products and our craftsmanship. Watch our video to learn more.

Any potential client of ours can email from our contact form on our web page and call. Watch our video to learn more.

If it comes from our facility, it’s something that is going to work for you. Watch our video to learn more.

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