Using Composite in the Shipping Industry

Transportation of goods plays such an incredible role in the global marketplace. Companies enjoy making a prophet of the sale of goods, but they also want to keep costs down in many areas. One such way to lower costs is through finding a more efficient way to ship their product.

As there are countless composite materials applications, using composite in the shipping industry is another way to show how versatile composites can truly be. Just consider fuel usage in shipping. With a lot of weight being transported, more energy is needed to move the vehicle. Larger vehicles means larger cargo, but also means higher fuel usage.

By incorporating composite materials in shipping, fuel consumption can be reduced greatly. This is because composite can be up to 70 percent lighter than steel. Composite can also stand up to severe weather and wide ranges in temperature. Steel can also be quick to rust, whereas composite is naturally anti-corrosive.

Composite is also known for its durability and strength. It can withstand harsh chemical environments, and will provide a vast range of mechanical properties, such as tensile, flexural, impact and compressive strengths. When composite replaces steel, you can reduce costs, assembly time and maintenance.

When you are trying to cut costs without compromising integrity, consider using composites for your shipping needs, and let Stephan Wood Projects aid you in the design and manufacturing. By using our wide array of products, services, and experience, we can develop the custom solution you need.

Stephan Wood Products is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and service. From deck, dock and patio surfaces, to outdoor seating and troop transport, we have the specialty wood products and composite your project needs. For more information on how we can help with your project, call us today at (989) 348-5496.

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