Differences in Composite Profiles

Not all composites are made the same. First, different materials can be used, and certain pigments can be added to change the color. Not only that, but composite FRP is fire retardant and has an ultra-violet veil for protection from the sun. Another key difference in composites is the shape they take, also known as the composite profile.

Composite made with a profile can also be called a hollow board. These boards are hollow and have channels or a honeycomb-like space inside. That hollowness allows the board to be lighter than a solid board, which means it can be easier to install. Hollow boards can also withstand the elements fairly well. Expanding because of heat or moisture is not a huge problem, and you won’t have to worry about warping.

Because they are hollow, these boards will need a cap on the end. That cap is not always watertight, and the board might actually take more damage from everyday foot traffic. Some might argue that hollow composite looks less like real wood.

A solid board can have more strength than that of a hollow board, and that strength can make maintenance easier, too. Both are because of the added mass of the board, which gives it more weight. They can be more expensive than hollow boards, and might warp if not taken care of.

When comparing different profiles in hollow boards, you find that each design and shape can play a certain role. Those shapes also determine how the board will be fastened, the speed of installation, and the overall cost of your project.

There are some profiles that make better stairs, and some profiles that make better railings. But there are also profiles that are used in things outside of decking or seating. Specially designed profiles can be found in furniture, fencing, and roofing.

When you are considering a new composite project, think about the different composite profiles you can utilize, and let Stephan Wood Projects aid you in the design and manufacturing. By using our wide array of products, services, and experience, we can develop the custom solution you need.

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