Build a Deck or a Patio?

With all the bonus space you have in your backyard, you want to transform it into an amazing gathering place for your friends and family. It’s a blank slate, and you can turn it into anything you want, just as long as you can reap the benefits every summer. Putting in a patio is one option, but there are many differences that make a composite deck the best choice.

Decks can be utilized in almost any space. They can be constructed at ground level, or they can be elevated, which means they work great on land that is sloped or not level. Elevated decks are also constructed to be attached to the house, so you can easily take one step out the door and relax on your new deck.

Patios need ground that is level, which is great if you have flat land available. However, if you do not have the flat land, it will take extra work, as well as extra costs, to prep the area so your patio can be level. The extra time needed to prep the land for the patio can be a headache and delay the actual installation of a patio. When constructing a deck, as long as you have the right permits, you can get to work right away. 

Because patios are always at ground level, they offer a good amount of privacy. But that privacy can be achieved just the same, with a deck built at ground level. But patios cannot give you a magnificent view of nature that an elevated deck could, and that view can give you a better sense of being in the great outdoors.

Wood decks last only a portion of how long a patio could, but a composite deck can be just as strong and resilient. As long as a composite deck is well maintained, it can last just as long. Composite is also a better choice than natural wood because it does not require as much maintenance, such as power washing, repainting or sealing.

Ultimately, one of the biggest factors to consider is cost. The materials needed for a patio are less expensive, but much of the cost goes into preparing the land for installation. As composite decks have a higher price tag up front, there are many features that a deck can offer than a patio cannot.

A composite deck yields a higher return on investment. Money can be saved through efficient installation, quick maintenance, and ease of replacing parts. In the end, a composite deck can yield a 75 percent return on investment.

Enjoying your outdoor space at home can be made more enjoyable and more relaxing with a composite deck. When you are planning on a new home addition, let Stephan Wood Projects help in designing your new composite deck. By using our wide array of products, services, and experience, we can develop the custom solution you need.

Stephan Wood Products is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and service. From deck, dock and patio surfaces, to outdoor seating and troop transport, we have the specialty wood products and composite your project needs. For more information on how we can help with your project, call us today at (989) 348-5496.

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