Natural Wood vs. Composite

Adding to your home is more than just increasing space or installing additional features, but it is also about adding value. One way to do that is with an outdoor deck, but now the real question, natural wood vs composite? Before getting started on that project, or any project, know the differences between the two.

For natural wood, many homeowners like the fact that it has a lower cost up front. This material truly shows off its natural beauty, and it is possible to find the right type of wood that can match any home’s style. Along with its affordability, it is naturally strong and can be treated or transformed by applying a coat of stain.

Whereas natural wood is just that, wood. Our composite comprises several ingredients. Although there are different composites depending on the manufacturer and type of composite, each composite has two common ingredients: adhesives and resins.

The benefits of choosing our composite over natural wood are plenty. Natural wood needs paint, seal or stain to help protect it, but our composite is very low maintenance. The color is already prominent, and it will keep its appearance for years and years. It will also stand up to the elements, whether it’s rain, snow, or direct sunlight.

You can choose from many more styles of composite than you can natural wood. You can paint composite whatever color you’d like, or we can pigment the composite in the early stages of production. Safety is another significant feature for composite. It has a smooth surface that will never splinter, so you can spend as much time outdoors on your bare feet as you please.

Best of all, the value that comes with composite is incredible. No matter what price you pay, our composite FRP will stand the test of time, look great through all those years, and can boost the value of your home.

Last, our composite is made from virgin materials, so you know nothing but the best went into your project.

When you are considering an addition on your home, consider the benefits of composite, and let Stephan Wood Projects aid you in the design and manufacturing. By using our wide array of products, services, and experience, we can develop the custom solution you need.

Stephan Wood Products is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and service. From deck, dock and patio surfaces, to outdoor seating and troop transport, we have the specialty wood products and composite your project needs. For more information on how we can help with your project, call us today at (989) 348-5496.

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